J Bolts

"A J bolt is a J-shaped bolt which can be used in a variety of applications. These bolts can be made from several different metals, and subjected to various treatments, depending on how and where they will be utilized. It can be handy to keep a few around the house for various projects, in the case of people who do a lot of do-it-yourself work.

In a J bolt, the threading runs along the flat arm of the J. One could think of a J bolt as half a U bolt, since that is essentially what it is. The diameter of the bolt can be varied, as can the type of threading, and the angle and size of the hook at the base of the bolt. . To attach something to a J bolt, threaded nuts and washers can be utilized as needed.

One common use of J bolts is as cast-in-place anchor bolts. Anchor bolts are used to affix various objects to concrete, and J bolts provide a great deal of support and stability, with the shape hooking the bolt in place so that it will not come loose. When J bolts are cast in place, they are inserted into concrete while it sets in a desired location, with the threading sticking out so that things can be bolted down. Various treatments can be used to make the bolt resistant to specific corrosives so that it can be used in environments where these corrosives are present."

Part No.
J.313 x 3.000
J.375 x 3.750
J.375 x 5.000
J.375 x 6.000
J.500 x 6.000
J.625 x 8.000


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